Class 21

Today we had more time to work on our houses in sketchup. Today I figured out that I had forgotten to save my previous house. With the work that I attempted to do today, ultimately failed as I want to cry. I will try this again some other time this weekend. Maybe. Here is what I have.

Class 20

Today I was able to work on my house in sketchup. This is what I have done so far.

Class 19

Mr. Kelley showed us how to use the 3D warehouse and what you can do with it. We learned how to make and download doors and windows. (He's a phantom.)

Class 18

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to transfer the house  from sketchup on the pc's to the 3d printer. To do this you click file --> export --> send to 3d print.

Class 17

Today was the started blogging for the second quarter. Our blogs should be more in-depth of what we did for that day. We are starting our house in sketchup. We learned how to use Dynamic Components.

Class 16 Tinkercad Keychain

This is the keychain I made for my laptop bag.

Class 15 Work

Today we got time to finish any tutorials we haven't completed and either start on the house in skecthup or our 3d printer projects.