Class 7 Essay and Sketchup

Technology is in my opinion, inherently good. It has been growing and becoming better by the day and is helping everyone in everything they do.
     First, it provides new jobs for everyone. Because of technology there are jobs such as and I.T. guy.
     Second, technology also makes jobs easier. Things like ordering food or buying tickets to an event can be done through technology and can make everything easier.
      And lastly, technology can be used for enjoyment. We have phones, laptops, video games and all kinds of other things that we like to use for fun.
     For these reasons, I think that technology is inherently good because they provide jobs, make jobs easier, and are used for enjoyment.

My sketchup link

Class 6 MakerBot

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how MakerBot worked and how to 3d print

Class 5 Thingaverse

Today we made our thingiverse keychains. Thingiverse customizer

Class 4 Comment

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to comment, add links, and add pictures

Class 3 Template and look

Mr. Kelley showed us how to customize our blogs templates and colors

Class 2 Blog

Mr. Kelley showed us how to make a blog, how to change settings on a blog, and how to post on a blog.