Class 29

Today in IT we watched a video on Mike Rowe about following your passion. We were told to write this essay on it.
Mike talked about how when people try to just follow their passion they miss out on so many opportunities. Or sometimes you just might not have the skill set for your passion.
After watching that video we watched a reply VLog byn David Patreon. David disagreed on what Mike had said, saying that it is a bad idea to not follow your passion. When trying to follow a passion, but find out you don't have the right skills for it, work harder to gain those skills. If you can't do that, change you passion. Find other things and let you passion evolve.
I think that both people are right. You should follow your passion but you shouldn't let it control your life. Don't let it control your life but instead work hard for it. If you can't then try to change your passion.
A VLog is a video about someone's life or opinion.

Class 28

Today in IT I was given time to work on my 3d printed project. Here is what I have

Class 27

Today we watched videos on different types of engineers and what they do.
A design engineer is someone who tries to come up with an idea to make something.
An acoustic engineer is someone who makes something sound more quiet and more soothing.
A research engineer researches problems for objects and comes up with ideas on how to fix them.
An electronics engineer figures out how to make circuit boards work and fit.
A materials engineer understands how materials work to fit together in a product.
An aerodynamics engineer finds out how to make the most airflow as easy as it can in products.               
A mechanical engineer designs and tests products to make them work.
If I had to be one I would choose an acoustic engineer.
1. Meet Annmarie.mp4 Video 2. Meet Nathan.mp4 Video 3. Meet Ruth.mp4 Video 4. Meet Marcus.mp4 Video 5. Meet Farai.mp4 Video 6. Meet David.mp4 Video

Class 26

Today Mr. Kelley taught us that additive printing is adding material to make something and subtractive printing is taking away material to make something. He also explained the x, y, and z axis. The x is side to side, y is up and down, and z is back and forth. He also taught us what reverse engineering is. Reverse engineering is the process of taking something apart and finding out how it works to make it better.
 I was also able to have more time to work on my house. I think that I am really close to finishing my house. Next class I will be able to finish my fidget spinner for my 3d project. Here is what I have for my house.

Class 28

Today we were given another vacuum to reverse engineer. We took it apart and then put it back together.

Class 27

Today we watched a video on how to take apart and put back together a turbine tool.

Class 25

Today I started working on my 3d project. The project that I chose to make was a fidget spinner. I am making this for my Social Studies teacher. Here is what I have ready to 3d print.

Class 24

Today I was given more time to work on my house. This is what i got done today. I feel I made good progress.

Class 23

Today wasn't all that special. I just worked on my house in Sketchup. Made moderate progress.

Class 22

Today we were showed how to use PIXLR and transfer that image to selva and turn it into an STL file to 3d print. We were also able to work on our house and project.

We were also showed a video on Jay Leno and how the 3d scanner works. Here is the video.

This is what I have completed on my house so far, after an awful attempt on friday.

Class 21

Today we had more time to work on our houses in sketchup. Today I figured out that I had forgotten to save my previous house. With the work that I attempted to do today, ultimately failed as I want to cry. I will try this again some other time this weekend. Maybe. Here is what I have.

Class 20

Today I was able to work on my house in sketchup. This is what I have done so far.

Class 19

Mr. Kelley showed us how to use the 3D warehouse and what you can do with it. We learned how to make and download doors and windows. (He's a phantom.)

Class 18

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to transfer the house  from sketchup on the pc's to the 3d printer. To do this you click file --> export --> send to 3d print.

Class 17

Today was the started blogging for the second quarter. Our blogs should be more in-depth of what we did for that day. We are starting our house in sketchup. We learned how to use Dynamic Components.

Class 16 Tinkercad Keychain

This is the keychain I made for my laptop bag.

Class 15 Work

Today we got time to finish any tutorials we haven't completed and either start on the house in skecthup or our 3d printer projects.

Sketchup Tutorial 6

Today I finished the Drawing Part 2 tutorial on Sketchup. It showed me how to use the move tool and how to paint.

Sketchup Tutorial 5

Today I learned about using the Dynamic Components

Sketchup Tutorial 4

Today I finished tutorial 4. I learned how to use the paint tool.

Class 14 Sketchup

Today Mr. Kelley gave us time to work on our sketchup tutorials.

Class 13 Projects

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to submit our nametags from Tinkercad. We also talked about the projects we will 3d print.

Class 12 Tinkercad and Thingiverse

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to order 3d printings in tinkercad and thingiverse. The print services are hubs, in hubs anyone can 3d print. Sculptio is a professional print service And how to edit published creations.

SketchUp Tutorial 3

Today I finished the third tutorial for sketchup. I learned how to use the pencil tool.

Class 11 Sketchup

Today Mr. Kelly gave us time to work on sketchup. I worked on the third tutorial.

Sketchup Tutorial 2

Today I finished the second Sketchup tutorial. I made a house and learned how to use the push/pull tool.

Class 10 Sketchup

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to get our houses into sketchup.

Sketchup Tutorial 1

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to get onto Sketchup on the old computers. We learned to push, pull, orbit, pan and zoom. I finished the first tutorial.

Class 9 Tinkercad

Today we learned the tutorial on tinkercad Tinkercad

Class 8 Pretest 2 and Sketchup

Today we made an attempt in SketchUp to try and make our school in 3d.

Class 7 Essay and Sketchup

Technology is in my opinion, inherently good. It has been growing and becoming better by the day and is helping everyone in everything they do.
     First, it provides new jobs for everyone. Because of technology there are jobs such as and I.T. guy.
     Second, technology also makes jobs easier. Things like ordering food or buying tickets to an event can be done through technology and can make everything easier.
      And lastly, technology can be used for enjoyment. We have phones, laptops, video games and all kinds of other things that we like to use for fun.
     For these reasons, I think that technology is inherently good because they provide jobs, make jobs easier, and are used for enjoyment.

My sketchup link

Class 6 MakerBot

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how MakerBot worked and how to 3d print

Class 5 Thingaverse

Today we made our thingiverse keychains. Thingiverse customizer

Class 4 Comment

Today Mr. Kelley showed us how to comment, add links, and add pictures

Class 3 Template and look

Mr. Kelley showed us how to customize our blogs templates and colors

Class 2 Blog

Mr. Kelley showed us how to make a blog, how to change settings on a blog, and how to post on a blog.

Class 1 Overview and Laptops

Mr. Kelley taught us how to update, set up, and use our laptops